Hiya. Its taken me ages to do this but finally got round to it. If youd like to forward it to anyone that may be interested that would be good. Im on a fast connection tomorrow night so Ill do that myself then. After doing a list of who to send it to. Thanks if you do. Hope the photos come out in the body of the email. They dont on the phone. :) frank

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To: frank_bowman@yahoo.co.uk, greenwomble@googlemail.com, greenwomble@facebook.com
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Subject: Free perrenial useful and edible trees and plants on offer. Please forward to others who may be interested.

We have a large number of plants that we have grown this year, and you are welcome to visit to collect some. 
This is a Community orchard, so there is no price for plants.
Photos of whats available are shown below:
Tyn Y Nant, fruit farm is situated in the middle of North Wales.   About 35 miles maximum from Deeside, Connahs Quay, Chester, Wrexham, Portmadog, Llandudno, Conwy, Holywell, Flint, Oswestry, and 50 from Machynlleth. 
We are an agroforestry farm cooperative, with the cooperative sharing moneyless ethics to reduce costs to the broader community as well.  
(also bring a bag or pot to put them in)    Anyone with spare pots we'd love them!

Tyn Y Nant “Fferm Frwythau”, at Llanfihangel Glyn



Gardd y Goedwig a Berllan Gymunedol. A Forest Garden & Community Orchard.

Plants and young Trees offered: (bring a bag or pot to put them in)

Planhigion sy’n barod ‘nawr, Plants ready now: Josta Berries; Goose berries; Blackcurrants;

Redcurrants; Rhubarb; Golden Willow; Sea Buckthorn; Walking stick kale; Moroccan mint; Perennial


Planhigion a fydd yn barod o fis Awst: August onwards: Sweet chestnuts; Hazel nuts, (Kent Cob,

Ruthin Cob, Flint, and Ty nant); Betws Gwerfil Goch Red/ Yellow Plums; Malpas Damson; + the above.

Menter Gydweithredol, Edible Agroforestry Co-operative. Ni chodir pris am y planhigion,

croesewir cyfraniadau. Community orchard, no price for plants.

Email:  frank_bowman@yahoo.co.uk

Ffôn / text: 07980 158661


Pictures of some of the plants offered:

Young Sweet Chestnut plants.

Young Josta berries,Hazels, Sea buckthorn, Blackberry

Young Rhubarb

Young Hazel nut trees

Josta berries.


As well as growing trees for the community, we also have other projects/activities, one of which is coppicing willow in spring from Kinmel bay.


Free willow from Kinmel Bay.  Available for anyone to coppice.

Also nut collecting in the Autumn, which includes local Sweet chestnuts, Hazel nuts, and Monkey Puzzle nuts.

A lovely cooking apple tree by the roadside.  

Please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in growing useful and edible trees and plants.