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Saturday 5th September 2009


Message of Rain Retreat , Rupa Banduwardena; Now being the Vassana Kala, the retreat period of three months, it is of utmost religious significance in Buddha Sasana coming down from the days of Sakyamuni Gautama. Thathagatha, the perfect one. This is a short unique period of spiritual eventful religious activities of utmost faith for the Buddhist clergy as well as the laity.

Financial perspectives in Buddhism ; Venerable Ajahn Punnadammo Arrow River Forest Hermitage, Canada; Now after several centuries of elaboration, we are into a fantastic realm of abstractions of abstractions. Fractional reserve banking creates money which is based on nothing at all, not even bits of paper. Understanding the levels of abstraction involved in derivatives is a special science.

Encouragement of charity Dana Sutta: Giving: Thanissaro Bhikkhu; Translated from the Pali ; Before giving, glad; while giving, the mind is bright and clear; having given, one is gratified: This is the consummation of the sacrifice.

Small comfort ; Lotus Heart - One day while walking through the wilderness a man stumbled upon a vicious tiger. He ran but soon came to the edge of a high cliff. Desperate to save himself, he climbed down a vine and dangled over the fatal precipice. As he hung there, two mice appeared from a hole in the cliff and began gnawing on the vine. Suddenly, he noticed a plump wild strawberry on the vine. He plucked it and popped it in his mouth.

Sacred opportunity to the laity; Final preparations prior to the final Puja: The Buddhist looks forward to the event with immense piety considering it a unique achievement and an immortal gain. Then he prepares for the final event, which is said to bless his abode, the family and his life, in this world and the next.

Buddhism and Science go together

Particle physicists emphasize the role of the observer in defining anything. For example, from a certain point of view, light is matter; from another point of view, it is energy. What type of phenomenon light seems to exist as depends on many variables, particularly on the conceptual framework the investigator is using to analyze it. Thus, phenomena do not exist inherently as this or that from their own sides, unrelated to the consciousness that perceives them.

Gay Marriage and the Americone Dream

In honor of the passage of Vermont's same-sex marriage law, Ben & Jerry's has announced that for 30 days (only in Vermont), "Chubby Hubby" ice cream will be sold as "Hubby Hubby." Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream could not be reached for comment, but rumors are that the caramel-and-waffley-chocolate-bits-flavor called the announcement a cheap publicity stunt in private.

Dalai Lama leads thousands in prayers for disaster victims

The Dalai Lama led over 17,000 Buddhists in a two hour assembly to pray for blessing for the hundreds of Taiwanese who lost their lives in land, mud and rock slides and floods triggered by the torrential rains of Typhoon Morakot in southern Taiwan in early August.

Flora of the Buddha- the Lotus

Where language fails when one is trying to communicate the deeper levels of meaning of meditation and truth, symbolism is often used, often in the form of a non-sentient object such as a mandala, stupa, or wheel.

Bodh Gaya makes you transcend into another world

It was December last year when I was in Gaya for an official reason but my work ended two days prior to leaving for Kolkata. My friend suggested I visit Bodh Gaya — one of the most important destinations associated with Buddhism.

The first order of Buddhist nuns

Today (3rd September) is the celebration of Binara Poya day, the full moon of September. The observation of this day marks when the first order of Bhikkhunis was founded by the Buddha. While he knew at the time that the order would not last due to the prejudices of the day, he also knew that women were as likely as men to wish to follow the Dhamma and acheive the final goal.

"National prosperity enriches Buddhism"

The pines and cypresses are a lush green, and a bell rings far away. August was a busy time at the Arhat Temple in the city of Shifang, Sichuan province.

August 2009


The marvel of miracle Sachitra Mahendra - The Brahmin flew over the river to the other side. He had achieved that spiritual position, thought his acolyte. In the line was the Buddha with his closest associate Monk Ananda. Monk Ananda who was wondering if the Buddha wanted to outsmart the Brahmin. The Buddha stepped into the raft softly, and gave out a few coins to him upon the end of the river cruise.

The Buddha’s spiritual strength As laid down in Mahasihanada Sutta: “Sariputta, the Tathagata has these ten Tathagata’s powers, possessing which he claims the herd-leader’s place, roars his lion’s roar in the assemblies, and sets rolling the Wheel of Brahma. What are the ten? 1. “Here, the Tathagata understands as it actually is the possible as possible and the impossible as impossible.

Buddhism in South India Anne E. Monius - The soaring towers of the great temples dedicated to the Hindu gods Siva and Visnu have taken charge of the religious landscape in the Tamil-speaking corner of Southeast India. Impressive shrines built by a succession of powerful medieval dynasties cover the region, from Kancipuram in the North to Sriralkam, Citamparam, Tancavur, and Maturai.

Can Buddhist principles help cure the climate crisis?

We live in an age where truth has become an illusion of sorts with both sides of an argument able to cite sources that back their own individualistic claims, but if we look at humanity as a singular whole, then the entire spectrum of thought becomes a circular view of which we are all a part.

UFO or flying Buddha?

We don't get a lot of UFO stories from Myanmar and have no idea how common UFO sightings are there. This particular sighting however is believed by both witnesses and viewers to not involve a UFO but a flying Buddhist Monk. The reader, from Myanmar, who sent us the link to this video (below) told us that: ........

Ancient Sri Lanka-Myanmar links rediscovered

The 12th century painted murals from the Mahavamsa, four abodes of Sinhalese monks and 260 large monuments influenced by Sinhalese were some of the discoveries made by a Sri Lankan team led by scholar Dr. Hema Goonatilake and Sri Lanka Embassy staff including Sri Lankan Ambassador to Myanmar Newton Gunaratne on a recent study visit to the ancient Myanmar city of Bagan.


Bellanwila Raja Maha Viharaya Rupa Banduwardena - There is the cultural heritage, folktales and oral tradition handed down by the pious indigenes which revolve round Bellanwila temple. A close study reveals that the ideas expressed are true and there is no reason to doubt the truth of it. But little is known by the present devotees.

Expel your ghost Lotus Heart -That man’s wife was very sick. It was a lethal one, doctors said. So she wanted to talk to her husband on the deathbed. “Love, I care for you so much. It’s so hard I have to leave you. But I hope you won’t forget and betray me. Promise me you won’t see any woman. Please! If you break this, I will sure come back to haunt you.”

Misinterpretations of Buddhism Rohan L. Jayatilleke - Kamalika Pieris, writing on ‘Buddhism in India’ in a previous Daily News Buddhist Spectrum, records a diabolical concoction regarding Islam: “In North India, Buddhism was replaced by Islam. Islam’s largest following in India came from the Buddhist areas of North India.”

Refreshing the long gone memories of Buddhism

By Fawad Ali Shah KARACHI: There is not even a single monastery in Pakistan, which once remained a hub of Buddhism. It is said that this part of the subcontinent where Gandhara civilisation nurtured has an eminent place in the theology of Buddhism.

Buddhism off the beaten path: An introduction to Bodh Gaya, India

A pleasant three-hour train ride from the popular tourist destination of Varanasi transports you worlds away to the bustling town of Gaya in the less-traveled state of Bihar, widely known as one of the poorest and most lawless in India.

Jesus in India? A BBC documentary concludes Jesus studied Buddhism

A BBC documentary Investigates the possibility of whether or not Jesus spent his youth in India then returned to preach from the knowledge he acquired in India.


Buddhist interpretation on money matters - Venerable Ajahn Punnadammo, Arrow River Forest Hermitage, Canada The whole world is currently suffering a major economic crisis, which has a good chance of being as severe as the depression of the 1930’s. Can Buddhist teachings help us understand what is happening? I would like to suggest one way in which it can.

Poya’s general impact on laymen Somapala Arandara - Buddhists are ready with religious arrangements to celebrate the Nikini season. The most vital past event connected with Nikini Full Moon Day was the convention of the First Council on the Dhamma. The next important and pragmatic aspect of Nikini is the belated commencement of the stay-indoors custom of the Bhikkhus during the rainy season. (pasu wassana).

The gift of insults Lotus Heart - Once there was a great warrior. He was quite old, but he could still get the better of any challenger. His reputation was spread far and wide throughout that land, so many students wanted to be under his roof. Things went on smooth enough until an infamous young warrior stepped into the village.

Secularizing Buddhism--Making it Accessible or Stripping the Roots?

It's a very common and hip thing today to want to make Buddhism secular. Many very worthwhile organizations and movements have this as their guiding premise. One need only look at the work that Mind and Life Institute is doing to make meditation mainstream in the sciences, or the work that Jon Kabat-Zinn has done with the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction technique, to see the far-reaching impact of making Buddhism secular.


Post 1956 growth of Buddhism - In the study of Buddhism in India, the history of Buddhist writings plagiarising the historians is not so relevant; the present situation of Buddhism in India, the native land of the Buddha and Buddhism is more relevant.

Deity-concept in Buddhism Ven. Meetiyagoda Gunaratna Chief Sanghanayaka Thera of Sri Jayawardenapura - No one can challenge deities. Certain Pirith chanting in Buddhism are also centred round deities. Ratana Sutta is one such example. When the city of Visala suffered from a famine, the Buddha visited the place and chanted the Ratana Sutta!

Swarnatilaka’s attire Sachitra Mahendra - Swarnatilaka was late anyway. She did not want to miss Ven. Nanaponika’s Dhamma talk either. Nanaponika became a monk at 27, so he was well familiar with practical lay life. Both adults and young thronged around him for advice.

How does Buddhism compare with psychotherapy?

Now normally, when one talks about Buddhism, and Zen is a form of Buddhism, it is supposed that you are talking about a religion. And people are apt to classify themselves as Buddhists, as they might say, ‘I am a Catholic,’ or a Methodist or a Baptist or an Episcopalian; or a Jew. But that is rather misleading. Buddhism is not a religion, in that sense.

Buddhism is fastest-growing religion in English jails over past decade

Buddhism is the fastest-growing religion in England's jails, with the number of followers rising eightfold over the past decade. Although adherents to the Eastern faith believe in peace and the sanctity of life, almost all of the Buddhists behind bars in this country are serving lengthy sentences for serious crimes such as violence and sex offences.

Buddhism 101: 6 Sense Bases- Eye Consciousness

There are a lot of consciousnesses described in Buddhist meditation texts. The first time I started reading about them, my eyes glazed over and I started thinking about lunch. Looking back, I have to wonder which consciousness was on top then… probably body consciousness.

The Four Noble Truths of the Revolutionary Path to Freedom

The first teachings the Buddha gave after his enlightenment were the four noble truths. These were first delivered to the same ascetics he had been practicing with in the forest


The Buddha’s influence on Indian life RAVINDRA KUMAR Gautama the Buddha and Buddhism have made excellent contributions towards strengthening the Indian Way, which is based on universal acceptance, particularly in making it dynamic and bringing the common man into its fold. Buddha’s contribution for taking this way in his time, when it was a narrow path, cannot be underestimated.

The narrative behind the Buddha image Stani Sathyanathan She was standing in the verandah of her house thinking and watching the leafage of trees, nature’s gift to the beastly human race, gently dancing in the breeze. She was brooding over her married life, that lasted a mere 11 years, her departed husband who had been special and exceptional, and the impermanence of life. The other day she got some money, after-death benefits of her late husband.

Atuwa in Sinhala - For the first time in the Sri Lankan history: S M Wijayaratne Atuwa means the books of noble Buddha Dhamma facts. These books give detailed explanations of the brief sermons preached by the Buddha. The Thripitaka is written in Pali. Atuwa Dhamma books offer the reader with complex teachings of the Buddha that appear in Thripitaka in a very simple and easily comprehensible way.

A review - Challenges for Buddhism ALLEN CARR Some Western drug companies spend millions of dollars developing and marketing a new drug only to have the health authorities later discover that it has dangerous side-effects and then ban it. Needing to recover their investment and unable to sell their drug in the West some of these companies try to market their dangerous products in the Third World where public awareness of health issues is low and indifferent governments can be brought off. Some might say that Christianity is a bit like this.

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