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Saturday 21st January 2012


Metta in daily life Ven Bhante Vimalaramsi Thera; This is the last night of the retreat, and I thought I would talk about how you carry your meditation with you when you start doing your daily activities. In a lot of respects this has been a lot looser retreat than you're used to, and I don't insist that it be a real overly strict retreat because you need also to know how to carry your meditation with you when you're doing other things, not only sitting and doing the walking meditation. What we need to learn how to do is carry that open heart with us with all the different activities we do during the day.

Buddhist insights into the Apocalypse ‘Buddhist view point, Scientific view point and the Future World’ – ‘A foresight into Apocalypse’ is the newest novella composed by the young novelist, Academician Chamika Munasinghe It is a well known fact that most inhabitants living on the earth have expressed their fear over the beliefs according to which disastrous or transformative events will occur on December 21, 2012. This date is regarded as the end-date according to the Mayan calendar.

Meditation: path to Dhamma Dr Padmaka Silva; We have continuously spoken about the manner in which an individual expecting the refuge of the Sasana of Buddha can acquire successful results from Dhamma meditation. We must know what methods one has to basically follow and how one has to maintain the meditation in order to make the meditation more successful. If we do not become aware of that it becomes impossible for us to make a success of the meditation.

Officials warn of ‘fake monks’ targeting Phuket tourists

PHUKET: The 'monk police’ of Phuket are warning everyone on the island of con men who are impersonating Buddhist monks and tricking locals and tourists into giving them money. Chatpawit Jinapong, Director of the Phuket branch of the National Office of Buddhism, which operates directly under the Prime Minister's Office, spoke with the Phuket Gazette about these fraudulent “monks”. “High season in Phuket attracts a lot of these con men who dress like Buddhist monks to get money, which really isn’t appropriate. We found that most are from Cambodia, here in Phuket on tourist visas, though there are Thai fake-monks too,” he said.

The Monk Who Brings Peace to the Suffering

MANDALAY—Bhaddanta Ariya Vumsa Bhivunsa, 63, pointed to the emblem consisting of three lotus flowers on the gateway to the Myawady Mingyi Monastery on the outskirts of Mandalay. "Those three lotus represent the three steps of Buddha's teaching—Learning, Practicing and Peace," said the monk.

China vs. India: the battle for Buddha

LUMBINI, Nepal — For a few short hours, as dancers imported from Kathmandu leapt and twirled for the bemused president of this tiny Himalayan republic, the sleepy, provincial town of Lumbini, in western Nepal, became the focus of the great chess game underway between India and China.

Olcott, the Picketts and Buddhist women's education

The genesis of Buddhist women's education in modern Sri Lanka goes back to March 24, 1889, when a group of women gathered at the Colombo headquarters of the Buddhist Theosophical Society. The BTS had been formed nine years before at the behest of

Slowly to old Siam

Sydney Morning Herald ; We stop to throw bread to a school of plump catfish residing in front of a temple; Thailand's Theravada Buddhism forbids killing and it seems the fish know where they are safe from the fisherboys' hooks. You couldn't call the Chao Praya a pretty river. ...

Saturday 14th January 2012


Team spirituality comes to Los Angeles - Dr Stephen Long: Ven. Walpola Piyananda’s philosophy in regards to Buddhism in America has always been that if we don’t train the younger generations to be good Buddhists, when the older generation is gone our temples will be empty. By the ‘younger generations’ he means those children of Asian immigrants who were either born in America or who arrived here with their parents when they were very young.

From generosity to wisdom - Ven Neluwe Sudammananda, a young novice Bhikkhu, became one of the recipients among 800 Samaneras who received all textbooks required for school studies. This was under the patronage of Kalutara Bodhi Trust. Addressing the gathering, the Thera emphasised the importance of generosity through which monks can continue studies. Such kind of activities establishes the educational position of the local Sangha community. Text books worth Rs 1,000,000 have been donated, the Thera revealed.

Religious service of Ven Atipola Medhankara Thera Richard Basnayaka: The Most Ven. Atipola Medhankara Thera Chief Sanganayaka of Asgiriya Chapter, Matale district and Viharadhipathi of historic Aluwihare temple passed away recently. The funeral had the participation of the Most Ven. Galagama Aththadhassi Anunayaka Thera, Asgiriya Chapter, the Most Ven. Niyangoda Vijithasiri Anunayaka Thera, Malwatta Chapter and a larger number of Buddhist monks of all three nikayas and the Parish Priest of St. Thomas’ Church, Matale.

A peaceful life of prayer

Their garish orange robes are undoubtedly loud but the Buddhist monks of Cambodia roam the streets silently, gliding gracefully along the footpath toting umbrellas to shield their shaved heads from the sun. The monks are something of an enigma and during a whirlwind visit to Siem Reap, I join a travel buddy on a trip to Polangka Wat to catch up with a couple of friendly monks he met at Angkor Wat.

Generous gift of Dhamma presented by Thai princess

IN 1999 the Dhamma Society of Thailand, founded by Maniratana Bunnag, started work on revising the phonetic Roman version of the Pali-language Tipitaka, the three books of the Buddhist cannon. The project was completed in 2005.

Buddhist texts go digital

Buddhist texts go digital One of Thailand's most respected monks is making his works accessible to all via e-book technology . Venerable Phra Brahmagunabhorn (P.A. Payutto) is one of Thailand's most highly respected monks and a leading scholar of Thai Theravada Buddhism. His profound knowledge of Buddhist scriptures is widely recognised and his moral conduct greatly admired.

The world's largest jade Buddha

A display of a 2.7-metre-tall Buddha carved from a single piece of jade was launched yesterday, at an opening ceremony graced by Education Minister Heng Swee Keat, former President S R Nathan, Mrs Goh Chok Tong and leaders from other religious groups.

Does a coyote-dancing gay monk spell end of Buddhism?

The ear-slapping customs official abusing his power at Suvarnabhumi Airport was not the only act of inappropriate behaviour caught on camera this week. Those contemplating joining the monkhood should first try and walk a mile barefoot. Many might argue that men in Thailand dancing like coyotes is a pretty regular occurrence, so what made this time different? The fact that the booty-shaking man in question was a fully ordained monk!

Meditation vacation

By Matthew Green Take New Year thoughts of health kicks and fresh starts a stage further with a 10-day ‘Buddhist boot camp’ in the Himalayas. The guru looked troubled. A spry 75-year-old, who could have passed for 60, he usually wore an expression as pure as his ivory robe. Peering into my cell, he watched as I wept harder than I could remember, for a reason my mind could not fathom. Then he beamed.

Saturday 7th January 2012


Confidential are the best kinsmen Olcott GUNASEKERA - Health is the greatest gain, Contentment is the greatest wealth, Confidential are the best kinsmen, Nibbana is the bliss supreme. Dhammapada V.204. This is the reply given by the Buddha to King Pasenadi Kosala when the latter asked four questions from the Buddha regarding the greatest gain, the greatest wealth, the best kinsmen and supreme bliss to any human being. In this short article, I shall be discussing the third line of this admonition of the Buddha.

Benefits of meditation - Dr Padmaka Silva. We have discussed facts relating to Kilesa Parinibbana Sutta. We have to understand another fact related to that Sutta. Out of the four individuals we spoke about, the third and the forth individuals have attained Jhana Samapatti. Although they have attained Jhana Samapatti do all of them attain Parinibbana in this life itself? No. That means there is a difference there also. They have strong Samadhi. In spite of having strong Samadhi they fail to attain Parinibbana in this life itself.

The place of emotions in Buddhism Dr Padmasiri de Silva; Emotions are generally regarded in the mind of the Buddhist as aspects of our personality that interfere with the development of a spiritual life, as unwholesome states ethically undesirable, and roadblocks to be cleared in the battleground between reason and emotion. In keeping with this perspective emotions are described as states of “agitation” or “imbalance.”

2,600th anniversary of Buddha’s visit to Mahiyangana:

A Pinkama to commemorate the 2600th anniversary of Buddha’s visit to Mahiyangana will be held at the Mahiyangana Rajamaha Viharaya on January 8 under the patronage of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.The Buddha visited the Mahiyangana Raja Maha Viharaya sacred precincts on a Duruthu Pasalosvaka Poya day 2,600 years ago. A three day pinkama to mark this historic event begins at the viharaya today. A daham hamuwa which is part of this pinkama will be held at the viharaya tomorrow afternoon presided by President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The dos and don'ts of witnessing to Buddhists

While Christianity is hardly on the radar of young people in Western countries, Buddhism is growing in popularity. In fact in the 90s, as people were leaving the church in their thousands, it was the fastest growing faith in the UK.

‘Look at science the Buddhist way’

BHUBANESWAR: After delivering hard talks on chemistry at the ongoing Indian Science Congress (ISC) here, Nobel Laureate Prof Richard R. Ernst donned the garb of a Buddhist spiritual leader and philosopher on Thursday.

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