This is more for the musically inclined.
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Subject: [Medieval Trivia] [MedEnc] Somewhat off-topic: two musical instruments for sale
Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2010, 1:41 PM

  Greetings to the list, and my apologies if you've already received this
missive on other lists.

I'm selling two rather out-of-the-way musical instruments I've made over
the past few years. I'll be bringing both of these to the Estrella War,
if you should want to inspect them first-hand. You can find me in the
Period Demo Area, at a woodworking shop (where I'll be working on a
rebec, among other things).

1. The first Item is a hurdy-gurdy. It was made from plans provided by
Musicmaker's Kits, but it's not one of their kits. I made it from
"scratch" using all solid woods. (The only plywood used is in the
rosettes and the wheel itself.) The soundboard is spruce, and the ribs,
back, and neck/pegbox are walnut. The keys are made of maple. Because I
was unhappy with their axle and wheel arrangement, I had an axle
custom-machined to replace it. The instrument has new strings, and comes
with a case converted from a suitcase and reinforced to protect the

I don't have pictures of it, but it's identical in general shape and
layout to the one offered by Musicmaker's, which can be seen at:

http://www.harpkit. com/Merchant2/ merchant. mvc?Screen= CTGY&Category_Code= hurdy

2. The second instrument is a 10-string cittern. It has steel strings
(basically a twelve-string guitar with the lower E strings missing) and
tuned one step below a standard twelve-string guitar (although other
tunings are of course possible). The soundboard is spruce, braced like a
lute and sporting a hand-carved rosette. What makes this instrument
distinctive (and more expensive than it otherwise would be) is that each
of the ten tuning pegs is actually a tuning machine, allowing much surer
tuning than friction pegs. It comes with a soft "gig bag."

Pictures of this instruent may be found at:

http://groups. group/Cynaguan- Bardic/photos/ album/201975528/ pic/list

If for any reason you can't view these pictures, email me privately and
I'll send the images to you.

I'm asking $750 for each of them. Remember if you pick them up at
Estrella, you'll be sparing yourself not only the shipping charges, but
the possibility that the instrument may get damaged in shipment. If
you've ever wanted to buy one of these instruments at a very reasonable
price, here's your chance. If you have any questions, please ask me

--Johann von Drachenfels
(West Kingdom)

John LaTorre <jlatorre@midtown. net>