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Date: Tue, 18 May 2010 00:09:55 -0400
Subject: 5/20 - Rally and speakout for civilian police review in G'ville

Gainesville Area NOW is a supporter of this event. We urge our members and allies to participate.





THURSDAY, MAY 20, 2010


Rally – 5 p.m. – Outside City Hall, 200 E. University Avenue


Speakout – 6 p.m. – City Commission Meeting Citizen Comment Section



Come and show your support for a truly independent civilian police review board which can receive, investigate and make determinations on civilian complaints involving officers of the Gainesville Police Department (GPD).   Despite community support for an independent police review board for over a decade, the City Manager has implemented a “Citizen’s Advisory Council” (CAC).


The CAC will not be an independent body, will be under the sole direction of the City Manager, will not have any authority to conduct independent investigations of complaints about GPD officers and will only review closed administrative investigations already conducted by GPD.  The CAC’s members will be appointed by the City Manager.  The City Manager has misinformed the City Commission that Florida law prohibits civilians from conducting investigations of law enforcement officers for acts of wrong doing.  This is a misstatement of the law. 


The Committee for a Police Review Board is working in coalition with other community groups on an alternative proposal for an effective civilian police review board that would, at a minimum:


-         be independent from the City Manager, City Commission and GPD

-         receive complaints about officer misconduct from members of the community

-         conduct investigations, hold hearings, gather evidence and have the power to issue subpoenas to carry out these functions

-         have the power to recommend discipline and/or sanctions of officers involved in misconduct

-         receive adequate funding to effectively carry out its mission

-         conduct public education and outreach about the process and responsibilities of the police review board in responding to complaints

-         issue reports to city officials, the chief of police and the public

-         make recommendations about GPD policies and procedures


Come out and make your voice heard!  Gainesville needs effective independent police oversight,

 not a powerless advisory group.


For more information, email:  or call: (352) 246-5690



Committee for a Police Review Board Coalition Groups:

Coalition for Justice Against Police Brutality  *  Alachua Committee Against Brutality  *  National Lawyers Guild , Gainesville



Campaign for a Police Review Board Endorser Groups:

NAACP Alachua County Branch    *    National Women’s Liberation   *   ACLU of Florida


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