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           As you have seen in my earlier comments on Facebook, basically I agree with the Muslim community except I'd include the dove's right to free speech and the inherent right to be as stupid and ignorant as they desire, as long as no one is being harmed physically. Destroying symbols is inherently superior to physical harm. Direct attention is all they crave, or as Dylan once wrote: "20 lbs. of headlines stapled to their chest".  Hopefully you all won't add anything to their dismal display by your presence.
Peace, Bob.

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Subject: Muslim Community response to Burn a Qur'an day

Veterans for Peace plans to counter demonstrate on 9/11.
This e-mail is cause to rethink our response.
A meeting is being planned to discuss this.
I will let people know more when I know more.


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Dear Scott,

Here is the e-mail request from local Muslim leaders which has been circulating in regards to the upcoming events scheduled by the Dove cult for September 11:


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Subject: Muslim Community response to Burn a Qur&apos;an day
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This is the plan that the Gainesville Muslim community came up with for responding to the Dove Church.

Assalaamu Alaikum
Last week I sent out an e-mail inviting community members to attend a meeting at Hoda Center to formulate our response to Dove Church. Meeting was attended by some members of both the Hoda Center and ICG leadership.
We agreed that Gainesville Muslim Community needs both short as well as long range plans and decided on a Muslim Community Initiative as described in the following minutes of the meeting.
Please forward this e-mail to other people in the community. If you want to help with any of the events, please contact me at, khan@pathology.ufl.edu.
Jazakumullah Khair.
Saeed Khan

Minutes Prepared by Brs. Ismail ibn Ali and Zubair Zafar
Assalaamu Alaikum,

Insha Allah this message reaches you all in the best of health and Iman.

On Friday, August 6th after Maghrib prayer, around 25 members of the Gainesville Muslim Community met to discuss the recent campaign of the local Dove Church: "Burn a Qur'an Day." The community decided on the following response(s) as part of the "Muslim Community Initiative":

1. The community will hold a series of events in the short term to invite the city of Gainesville to know about Muslims:

a. Sept. 1st-9th Host a community Iftar at Hoda Centre - Invite people of other faiths/city commission/ newspapers/university personnel/police and sheriff department.

b. Sept. 11th - Project Downtown - As we did last year serve meals to people downtown/offer health services/pass out toiletries to homeless.
c. Sept. 13th/14th - Miracle of the Qur'an lecture event at UF - Islam on Campus event. Tentative Speaker: Wisam Sharieff

d. Sept. 17th - Open House "Know Your Muslim Neighbors" at ICG/Hoda (after Jumu'ah) - Rent tent and have huge open house in parking lot

e. Sept. 27th - Fast-a-Thon at UF - Islam on Campus event.

To help prepare the community for interaction with people of others faiths, there will be a Dawah workshop on September 4th at the Hoda Centre between 'Asr and Maghrib prayers. Both brothers and sisters are encouraged to attend.

These events will be advertised to the Gainesville community via the Alligator/Gainesville Sun/TV-20 and other media outlets. Further logistics will be sent out soon.

2. We will not protest the church on September 11th. No one from the community should be there and we should encourage the general Gainesville community to avoid protesting the church. We do not want anyone to be there, period. If you are contacted by anyone who wishes to protest, politely respond informing them that their efforts would be better utilized campaigning with us and our efforts. If you are unsure how to respond, we will be sending out a standard letter soon which you can use if anyone contacts you about protesting.

We should not answer any questions regarding the Burn a Qu'ran Day. If anyone asks, we must change the narrative and talk about our experiences as Muslims. We must talk about who we are and not about who we are not.

We must be united in order for us to succeed. May Allah swta guide us in all that we do.

Wa Salaam,
Ismail ibn Ali and Zubair Zafar