it was a pleasure talking to you. I like folks who can be serious and joke around in an open way at the same time. Now if someone can tolerate my foot and mouth disease it makes me really happy!
II'm sending this to my brother Alex as well so he could ask you directly about your group. My brother is having a gathering sept 11 that I thought you might like.  ?He's got a big place- so bring some friends if you can make it?  (that ok Alex?) you could ask him if he wants to forward it to your group. I will ask him if he wants to forward it to Shari and Scott.  The ole save the earth guy is down on ac- but I hope with a lot of people he makes an exception.
Sorry Irene didn't bring your crops a little rain at least- but really got to watch what we pray for!
take care, jim
Hi Everybody --

Apologies if you have received more than one of these.
In memory of the terrorist attacks on that day 10 years ago, I am hosting a potluck supper and Documentary Viewing and Discussion, Sunday Sept 11 at 18h00 (6PM)

The address is 224 NE 10th Ave in Gainesville, 32601.,-82.32236

Phone (FLA) 214-0-412

If I have left anyone out, please let me know.