June 15, 2009

1.                 Humanists for Peace urge opposition to additional war funding – take action


2.                 Sunday, June 21: Jeff Nall on “Humanism and the Peace Revolution” at Historic Tarpon Springs Church

Humanists for Peace applaud Congressman Pete Stark’s opposition to the war supplemental bill

Group urges freethinkers and humanists to join progressive believers to take action

The first and only openly nontheist member of the United States Congress, California congressman Pete Stark is refusing to further fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


On May 14, Stark issued a statement explaining his opposition to the War Supplemental Appropriations (HR 2346), which would provide an additional 95 billion dollars for U.S. wars. An early opponent of the Iraq war and one of the first Democrats to decidedly oppose HR 2346, Stark says that while he is pleased with the Obama administration’s move in a new foreign policy direction, he cannot support additional war funding.


In the statement Stark said: “At a time when our country is facing serious economic peril at home,” said Stark, “it is unconscionable that we would be sending almost $100 billion to further fund war efforts that have no clear goals and continue to undermine America's standing abroad.”


“In Iraq, the American people were misled into a war that has cost our country almost $670 billion, with over 4,300 American lives lost and estimates showing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed.” “In Afghanistan, over 600 Americans have been killed and more than 4,000 have been wounded.  After years of mismanagement by the Bush Administration, we lack a clear objective and have no exit strategy.”


In 2008 the American Humanist Association awarded Stark the “Humanist of the Year” award. Humanists for Peace applaud Stark’s consistent ethical opposition to the unfounded, unethical wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and urge other representatives to follow his lead. Humanists for Peace urges all to contact their representatives to vote “No” on the “Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2009.”


Use these links to demand your representative vote “NO” on additional funds for war:

v                  http://www.democrats.com/healthcare-not-warfare?cid=ZGVtczM0ODQwNmRlbXM=

v                  http://capwiz.com/pdamerica/issues/alert/?alertid=13497801

Find out where your representative stands as of now here:

v                  http://campaignsilo.firedoglake.com/2009/06/12/updated-supplemental-whip-count-we-have-34-of-the-39-votes-we-need/

Note to Floridians: Two of the ten staunch war funding supporters are Florida congressmen Alcee Hastings (202-225-1313) and Kendrick Meek (202-225-4506)

Humanist Peace Activist Jeff Nall on

“Humanism and the Peace Revolution”

Sunday, June 21 at Historic Tarpon Springs Church

First Stop on Summer Speaking Tour


On Sunday, June 21 Florida peace activist and writer, Jeff Nall will discuss “Humanism and the Peace Revolution” at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tarpon Springs.


Over the last eight years, atheists, humanists and assorted freethinkers have vigorously defended the separation of church and state and quality science. But third-generation atheist and newly certified humanist minister Jeff Nall argues that the humanist movement is too narrowly focused.


In “Humanism and the Peace Revolution” Nall discusses secularists historic commitment to ending imperialism and war and the necessity of the contemporary humanist movement to make “peace” as salient an issue as church-state separation. Nall will also draw on his recently published journal article, “Fundamentalist Atheism and its Intellectual Failures,” in discussing the alarming, pro-war discourse emanating from some atheist intellectuals.


The event takes place at 10:30am. The Unitarian Universalist Church of Tarpon Springs is located at 230 Grand Blvd, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689.



For details go to http://www.uutarpon.org/ or call (727) 937-4682.



The event is the first stop on Nall’s summer speaking tour throughout the south east. Additional speaking dates to be posted soon at www.JeffNall.com. For booking inquiries

email sabletide@yahoo.com


About Humanists for Peace

Humanists for Peace represents both nonreligious and religious humanists who oppose militarism and seek to reform the United State’s historically unethical foreign policy.

Taking its place among specifically religious peace organizations, Humanists for Peace draws its commitment to peace, justice, and pluralism from humanist ethics. As such, Humanists for Peace is comprised of atheist/humanist/nonreligious people who believe that peace and social justice are no less significant than the separation of church and state.

Founded by Jeff Nall, a certified Humanist minister, Humanists for Peace aims to take up the anti-war/pro-peace legacy left by a long-line of humanist peace activists including Erasmus, Condorcet, Mark Twain, Helen Keller, Albert Einstein, Freud, and Bertrand Russell.

“Once people are enlightened they will know that they have the right to dispose of their own life and wealth as they choose; they will gradually learn to regard war as the most dreadful of scourges, the most terrible of crimes” Condorcet, 1793

In the news: “Peace--Following in a Humanist Tradition,” by Ruth N. Geller HumanistNetworkNews.org (March 18, 2009)

Perpetual Revolt:
Essays on Peace & Justice and
The Shared Values of Secular, Spiritual,
and Religious Progressives

(Howling Dog Press 2008)

By Jeff Nall

More info here