Joint Advocacy Initiative

16 November 2011

Call for actions

International Day of Solidarity with Palestinians

29th November 2011

Dear friends, partners and supporters,

We send you the warmest greetings from the JAI and Palestine. In light of your continuous support and solidarity with us, and the world community position on the Palestinian UN bid, we are approaching you with this call:

As you all know, the 29th of every November marks the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. Each year, a number of events and activities take place worldwide commemorating this day and expressing solidarity with the Palestinians in their struggle for freedom and independence.

This year, 2011, we at the JAI call you all to join us in organizing and participating in a candle vigil in different countries in the world especially. We propose the theme:

"Light a candle for Palestine: Peace with justice in the Middle East"

The gathering is suggested to be held in front of Palestinian representative offices, Israeli embassies, and/or the UN Office in your respective countries.

With Peace and Love from Palestine,


You are encouraged to advertise & forward this call to your
movements, groups, networks, partners

If you get this call forwarded and you want to subscribe,
you may do so at our JAI website

If you have any questions, please contact:

Ibrahim Hannouneh