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The 50 Most-Frequently Read Articles
in Journal of Developing Societies during December 2006 -- updated monthly

Most-read rankings are recalculated at the beginning of the month.
Rankings are based on hits received by articles archived on this site only.

1.  Jong H. Park
  The East Asian Model of Economic Development and Developing Countries
  Dec 01, 2002; 18: 330-353.
(In "Article")   [Abstract]     [PDF]
2.  Kazem Alamdari
  Religion and Development Revisited: Comparing Islam and Christianity With Reference to the Case of Iran
  Jun 01, 2004; 20: 125-144.
(In "Article")   [Abstract]     [PDF]
3.  Kebba Darboe
  New Immigrants in Minnesota: The Somali Immigration and Assimilation
  Dec 01, 2003; 19: 458-472.
(In "Article")   [Abstract]     [PDF]
4.  Victor Ukpolo
  Population Growth and Economic Growth in Africa
  Dec 01, 2002; 18: 315-329.
(In "Article")   [Abstract]     [PDF]
5.  Richard L. Harris
  Popular Resistance to Globalization and Neoliberalism in Latin America
  Jun 01, 2003; 19: 365-426.
(In "Article")   [Abstract]     [PDF]
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